How To Make Craft Beer

Over the past decade, nationally recognized beer brands have developed intense competition with the craft beer market. As a result, breweries country-wide have popped up in formerly dilapidated industrial buildings to become hybrid manufacturing and sales venues. However, the art of making craft beer isn’t limited to those who can afford expensive equipment and commercial property. Craft beer can actually be made right in your own home using easy to acquire ingredients purchased from local vendors.

Before you endeavor to start brewing your own craft beer, there are a few things you’ll need and should do before committing to a beer recipe or equipment purchase.

& Equipment

The most important thing that you’ll want to consider before brewing is the type of beer you want to make, as it will determine brewing time, necessary ingredients, and bottling methods.

For example, the fermenting yeasts and bacteria used in making a pale ale will be different from the ingredients used in making a sour beer. Furthermore, a brewing time for a sour beer may be longer than a pale ale due to the extra brewing time needed for adequate souring of the beer.

Additionally, the type of equipment you use will vary depending on the type of and the amount of beer you want to brew. Generally, most craft beer operations will require:

·    Brewing Kettle

·    Stirring Spoon

·    Funnel

·    Sanitizer

·    Siphon & Air-Lock

Those who find that they have a knack for brewing and bottling craft beer may consider selling it to local vendors as a way of generating passive income.

Selling Craft Beer

If you decide to sell your craft beer, it’s vital to develop appealing labels and branding materials. Additionally, several services can complete brewery construction should you choose to expand your hobby into a successful business.